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I'm successful in multiple professions symultaneously as a Life Coach, Personal trainer, Professional Boxer, and a Motivational Speaker. I am a proud single father of two happy, academic / athletic teenagers, a 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter.


Life and all that comes with it good, bad and ugly along with all of its experiences of different things and persons, are the best teacher without a doubt, If you can listen through the still and quiet beneath, deep, below, down under all of the high noise of all of the voices, images, programs, opinions, projections, and indoctrinations then and only then can answers and pure truth can rear its brilliance to lighten the seemingly large, bigger than life load that is in the created battlefield of the mind.

Allow this specific venue or platform to be your conduit, sounding board and or venting place with someone who has been gifted a huge portion of empathy in the world to even begin to understand without judgment, even to just have someone genuinely listen and dare not fall on deaf ears so that you can triumph within yourself just being heard and acknowledged.

Get sound practical advice from somone that has the gift of wisdom to impart unto you so that you are not an island to thyself for no man or woman is nor should be an island to themselves. Through this forum acquire options other than your own, whereas two minds are better than one pertaining to solutions and resolutions of issues. To get some where you are trying to go without trial or error with a short learning curve to save yourself the unnecessary pitfalls and lost time to reach your desired goal sooner.

Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Reprogramming
  • The Battlefield is in the mind

Coaching Topics of Discussion

  • Decisions
  • Relationships
  • Trauma survive
  • Build confidence
  • Venting sessions


  • 10 coaching sessions program
  • 25 coaching sessions program
  • 50 coaching sessions program
  • 100 coaching sessions program


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